Monday, April 13, 2009

My Gear - Sportcount - a stopwatch and lap counter for the pool

Doing laps in the pool can be tedious. As you swim you want to concentrate on improving your stroke, your drills and count laps. I always lose track of my laps, especially when I am concentrating hard on everything else.

I forget where I heard about it, but I found a device that counts laps, split times and it fits on your finger so it is out of the way. It's called the Sportcount.

It's nice to be able to do laps and not have to look up at the wall clock and try to remember what number you started on. My biggest problem now is that I sometimes forget to tap it when I do my flip turns. My other issue with it, is that my model doesn't give you individual splits. When you are done with a workout it will tell you your total time, your average per lap, your fastest and your slowest laps.

This is very basic, but it get's the job done. I love having one less thing to think about.

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